Independence Days

Independence Days around the world

The following map shows national days around the world which mark that country's independence with a flag indicating who the country gained independence from. Click on the flags to get more information on the National Days.

Celebrating a nation's independence is by far and away the most popular type of National Day around the world. Of the 179 nations and states whose national days are covered on these pages, 163 of those days celebrate independence in some shape or form.

Some of the flags above may not be that familiar as they represent states that no longer exist such as the Ottoman Empire, the Austria Hungary Empire, the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic and even the Roman Empire.

Looking at National Days in this way gives a fascinating insight into how political changes from history have shaped our culture today.

The table below shows how many national days around the world were created to celebrate independence from these nations or states.

Nation or state Number of National Days
United Kingdom 48
France 23
Spain 19
Portugal 9
Soviet Union 8


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