Upcoming National Days Worldwide Upcoming national days in countries around the world.

Country Date Remarks
Singapore August 09 National Day: Singapore became independent from the Federation of Malaysia on 9 Aug 1965
Republic of the Congo August 15 National Day: Marks Independence from France in 1960
South Korea August 15 Liberation Day: Gwangbokjeol. Liberation from Japanese rule in 1945
Indonesia August 17 Proclamation of Independence day: Hari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan R.I. Independence from Japan in 1945
Gabon August 17 National Day: Independence from France in 1960
Afghanistan August 19 Independence Day: Independence from United Kingdom control over Afghan foreign affairs in 1919
Ukraine August 24 Independence Day: Independence from the Soviet Union 1991
Uruguay August 25 Independence Day: Día de la Independencia. Declaration of independence from Brazil 1825
Moldova August 27 Independence Day: Declaration of independence from the Soviet Union 1991
Turks and Caicos Islands August 30 Constitution Day: The islands adopted a constitution on August 30, 1976
Malaysia August 31 Merdeka Day: Hari Merdeka. Independence (within the Commonwealth) from the United Kingdom in 1957
Kyrgyzstan August 31 Independence Day: On 31 August 1991, the Kyrgyz parliament declared independence from the Soviet Union
Trinidad and Tobago August 31 Independence Day: Marks independence from the UK in 1962
Slovakia September 01 Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic: The constitution was proclaimed on 1 September 1992
Uzbekistan September 01 Independence Day: Became the independent Republic of Uzbekistan on 31 August 1991
Vietnam September 02 National Day: Declaration of independence from France and China in 1945
San Marino September 03 Republic Day: Independence from the Roman Empire in year 301 (traditional date)

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