Upcoming National Days Worldwide Upcoming national days in countries around the world.

Country Date Remarks
Paraguay May 15 Independence Day: Two day holiday. Día de Independencia. declaration of independence from Spain in 1811
Norway May 17 Constitution Day: The signing of the first Norwegian Constitution in Eidsvoll 1814
Cameroon May 20 National Day: Creation of a unitary state in 1972
East Timor May 20 Proclamation of Independence day: Independence from Indonesia in 2002
Yemen May 22 National Day: North and South Yemen are unified as the Republic of Yemen 1990
Martinique May 22 Abolition of slavery day: Abolition of slavery day
Eritrea May 24 Independence Day: Eritrean rebels enter the capital Asmara in 1991 leading to independence from Ethiopia
Jordan May 25 Independence Day: Independence Day, from the United Kingdom 1946
Georgia May 26 Day of First Republic: Independence from Russia in 1918
Ethiopia May 28 Downfall of the Derg Day: The Derg regime is defeated in 1991
Armenia May 28 Republic Day: Independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic in 1918
Azerbaijan May 28 Republic Day: Independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic in 1918
Bermuda May 29 Bermuda Day: Last Friday in May. Originally Queen Victoria's birthday. Now celebrates the islands' heritage
Croatia May 30 Statehood Day: Marks the day in 1990 when the first post-Communist multi-party Parliament was constituted.
Anguilla May 30 Anguilla Day: The beginning of the Anguillian Revolution in 1967
Samoa June 01 Independence Day: On 1 January 1962 Western Samoa became independent of New Zealand
Italy June 02 Republic Day: Festa della Repubblica. Italy is voted a republic in 1946
Denmark June 05 Constitution Day: Grundlovsdag. Constitution Day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish constitution of 1849
Pitcairn Islands June 05 Queen's Birthday: First Monday in June. Celebrates the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II
Sweden June 06 National Day: Commemorates the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, seen as the foundation of Sweden

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