Congo Independence Day around the world in 2024

Congo Independence Day around the world in 2024
  How long until Congo Independence Day?
Congo Independence Day
  Dates of Congo Independence Day around the world
2025 CongoAug 15
Congo Fri, Aug 15National Holiday
2024 CongoAug 15
Congo Thu, Aug 15National Holiday
2023 CongoAug 15
Congo Tue, Aug 15National Holiday
2022 CongoAug 15
Congo Mon, Aug 15National Holiday
2021 CongoAug 15
Congo Sun, Aug 15National Holiday

The Republic of the Congo received full independence from France on August 15th 1960

When is Independence Day in Congo?

Independence Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Congo on August 15th each year.

This is the National Day of the Congo and marks independence from France on this day in 1960.

History of Independence Day in Congo

European contact began when the Portugal explorer, Captain Diogo Cão, reached the Congo River in 1484. Wanting to ensure the Venetians or Ottomans didn't gain an advantage in establishing direct trade routes to the Orient, the Portuguese threw a lot of resources into making this part of west-central Africa a close trading partner.

Did you know?

The Congo River is the 9th longest river in the world, but it is the deepest.

The rulers of the Kingdom of Kongo willingly accepted Christianity and relations between Portugal and the locals were good. However, Portugal's use of locals in the slave trade, unsurprisingly led to a breakdown in relations by the middle of the 16th century. Slavery was to dominate the area for the next couple of centuries.

In 1880, during the so-called 'Scramble for Africa', the French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza negotiated an agreement with the Bateke tribe to establish a French protectorate over the north bank of the Congo river. The French formally proclaimed the colony of French Congo in 1891.

French rule was marked by abuses of forced labour. A notable example being the building of the Congo-Ocean railway, which resulted in the death of more than 17,000 Africans, which led to revolts in 1928.

Did you know?

The Kokolopari Bonobo Reserve is home to a thousand bonobo apes. These creatures are intensely studied as they have the closest genetic chromosomal makeup to human beings.

After the second world war, the various incarnations of the French Republic led Congo increasingly close to statehood without the need for the country to be dragged into the bloodshed of a war for independence as was the case in neighbouring countries.   

In 1958, the Congolese voted for autonomy within the French Community and on August 15th 1960, Congo gained its independence with Fulbert Youlou becoming president.


In case you stumbled on this page while looking for the Independence Day of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, that takes place on June 30th.

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