Independence Day in DR Congo in 2024

Independence Day in DR Congo in 2024
  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in DR Congo
2025 DR Congo Mon, Jun 30 National Holiday
2024 DR Congo Sun, Jun 30 National Holiday
2023 DR Congo Fri, Jun 30 National Holiday
2022 DR Congo Thu, Jun 30 National Holiday
2021 DR Congo Wed, Jun 30 National Holiday

Marks the Democratic Republic of Congo's Independence from Belgium in 1960

When is Independence Day?

Independence Day is a public holiday in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo), observed on June 30th each year.

This day is the National Day of DR Congo and marks independence from Belgium in June 1960.

History of Independence Day

As the various European powers vied for control of the African continent in the late 19th century, the Congo came under the gaze of King Leopold II of Belgium.

Leopold personally acquired the 'rights' to the Congo territory at the Conference of Berlin in 1885 and named the land the Congo Free State.

After years of abuse of the local population, the Belgian parliament took control of the free state in 1908, creating the Belgian Congo.

The Belgian Congo gained its independence from Belgium on June 30th 1960 as the Republic of Congo.

This name proved more than a bit confusing as the French colony of Middle Congo was also called the Republic of Congo.

To make a distinction, the two countries were more commonly known as Congo-Léopoldville (ex-Belgian) and Congo-Brazzaville (ex-French), after their capital cities. In 1971, Congo-Léopoldville was named Zaire.

A popular rebellion in Zaire in 1996, led to the country adopting its current name of DR Congo in 1997.

Did you know?

The national animal is the okapi. Although it looks like a dark zebra, it’s actually related to the giraffe.

To mark the day, military parades and other parades, are broadcast on television.

In a reminder of the conflict that has riven the country since independence, this is also a time to place wreaths on the gravesites of loved ones who have died in civil wars and fighting.

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