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Is your calendar out of 'dates'?

As you may have realised when looking for this contact page, we have recently changed our site look and feel. The changes go deeper than that and will enable us to offer more countries with more relevant information.

These changes affected the URL of all pages including the ICS file you use to keep your calendar up to date. We tried to accomodate as many variations on the calendars as we could, but if you calendar has stopped working, we apologise, but the good news is that it should take less than a minute to fix.

Step 1: Remove the old calendar

You may not need to do this if your calendar is empty, but on this page, we have instructions on how to remove a calendar for the main calendar programmes.

Step 2: Add the new calendar

Using the navigation, go to the country page for the calendar you want to add. If you need a region, use the region drop-down to go to the region listing. When you have found your page, click 'Subscribe to calendar' and follow the instructions.

If you still have issues, you can mail us and we'll take a look. If you can include the URL of the calendar subscription, that will speed up the process.

Note: If you are a company who are adding many calendars in this way, there will be no support for you.

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Tell us how we can improve Office Holidays

Do you see a holiday or celebration that we have missed for your location? Or could you share more information about the holidays we are featuring?

If so, please contact us and we will update the calendar with the information to help make this site an even more useful resource.

Please note that all messages will be read, but it may take us a few days to answer your query.