Social Media

Social Media

You can keep up to date with public holidays with our social media pages


Since 2009 each public and national holiday has been tweeted from our Twitter account. If you follow us, you will get these updates and nothing else, no spam, no direct messages - it's simply a service so that you can keep up with who is on holiday and why.

If you want to receive tweets only for National Days, then follow @national_days, where we send a tweet to mark each country's national day.


We add each Public and National holiday as a status update on Facebook. We don't post status updates on anything, so if you Like us, we won't swamp your timeline with uncessary posts and updates.

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Each public and national holiday is posted on our Google+ page. On our Google+ page we also post interesting articles related to holidays published elsewhere. Again, if you follow us, you won't get any spam or direct messages.

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