Moldova Independence Day around the world in 2024

Moldova Independence Day around the world in 2024
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  How long until Moldova Independence Day?
Moldova Independence Day
  Dates of Moldova Independence Day around the world
2025 MoldovaAug 27
Moldova Wed, Aug 27National Holiday
2024 MoldovaAug 27
Moldova Tue, Aug 27National Holiday
2023 MoldovaAug 27
Moldova Sun, Aug 27National Holiday
2022 MoldovaAug 27
Moldova Sat, Aug 27National Holiday
2021 MoldovaAug 27
Moldova Fri, Aug 27National Holiday

Marks the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on August 27th 1991

When is Moldovan Independence Day?

This public holiday is always celebrated on August 27th. In Romanian, it is called 'Ziua Independenței'. This is Moldova's National Day.

The day marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on August 27th 1991.

History of Moldovan Independence Day

This small land-locked East European nation has always been influenced by the presence of its larger neighbours whose wars and imperial ambitions often had dramatic impacts on the fate of the country.

Moldavia became a principality in 1359 when Bogdan I crossed the Carpathians and took control from the Hungarians. In the middle of the sixteenth century, it came under the influence of the Ottoman Empire becoming a vassal state, though Moldova retained control of its own affairs.

Following the end of the Russo-Turkish War, the 1812 Treaty of Bucharest ceded the eastern half of Moldavia to the Russian Empire, which was named the region Bessarabia.

In 1918, after the end of the First World War and the collapse of the Russian Empire, Bessarabia united with Romania.

Did you know?

The Mileștii Mici wine cellar in Moldova is the world’s largest with nearly two million bottles of wine stored in its vaults.

This unity lasted until 1940 when Romania was compelled to cede the country to the Soviet Union as a consequence of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact when Romania was carved up between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR. 

Like other Soviet regions, the movement for independence gathered pace in the late 1980s with the change in the political situation created by glasnost and perestroika. The first democratic elections were held in early 1990.

After the failure of the 1991 Soviet coup attempt to remove President Gorbachev, Moldova declared declared itself an independent and sovereign state on August 27th 1991.

Moldova's Independence was officially recognized on March 2nd 1992 when Moldova became a member of the United Nations.

Did you know?

Until 2010, the Moldovan flag differed on the obverse and reverse sides, with the coat of arms only appearing on the front.

How is Moldovan Independence Day celebrated?

Moldova's Independence Day is celebrated with fireworks, concerts and parades. The Moldovan president will address the nation with a patriotic speech. Along with Christmas Day, this is one of the few Moldovan public holidays on which shops will close.


Why not celebrate Moldovan Independence Day by cooking the national food of Moldova? Mamaliga is made of corn meal and is usually paired with butter, sour cream, cheese, or any number of other sides.

Mamaliga Recipe

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