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Prince Pedro is surrounded by a cheering crowd in São Paulo after giving the news of the Brazilian independence in 7 September 1822.
Independencia brasil by François-René Moreaux via Wikimedia Commons.

Dates of Independence Day in Brazil
Year Weekday Date
2017 Thursday September 7th
2016 Wednesday September 7th
2015 Monday September 7th
2014 Sunday September 7th
2013 Saturday September 7th

Independence Day is always celebrated on 7 September. In Portuguese it is called 'Dia da Independência' and may also be known as 'Sete de Setembro' (7 September) or 'Dia da Pátria' (Nation Day).

On 7 September 1822, a declaration of independence from Portugal was made by Pedro di Alcântara, the son of the Portuguese King.

Brazil had been a colony of Portugal since the 16th century. In 1807 France had invaded Portugal and the Portuguese royal family had escaped to Brazil. in 1815, Brazil was given equal kingdom status with Portugal. By 1820, the French had withdrawn from Portugal and the royal family

Alcântara, better known as Pedro I, became the first emperor of Brazil and ruled from 1823 until 1831.

Brazil became a republic in 1889 but kept 7 September as its Independence Day. Independence Day has been a federal holiday in Brazil since 1949.

On this day there are celebrations in the capital, Brasilia, with military parades, air shows, musical concerts and fireworks in the evening.

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