Public Holidays in Liberia in 2018

Liberia Upcoming Holidays in Liberia

National Redemption Day
National Redemption Day

12 April 2018 This National holiday is in 22 days. Anniversary of the coup d’état that was led by Samuel Doe in 1980 killing Presiden...

Fast and Prayer Day
Fast and Prayer Day

13 April 2018 This National holiday is in 23 days. A religious holiday dedicated to collective reflection and self-discipline

National Unification Day
National Unification Day

14 May 2018 This National holiday is in 54 days. marks the Unification and Integration Policy Act that was passed in 1960

Liberia List of national public holidays of Liberia in 2018

Day Date Holiday Comments
Monday January 01 New Year's Day
Sunday February 11 Armed Forces Day
Wednesday March 14 Decoration Day Second Wednesday of March
Thursday March 15 J.J. Roberts' Birthday
Thursday April 12 National Redemption Day
Friday April 13 Fast and Prayer Day Second Friday of April
Monday May 14 National Unification Day
Thursday July 26 Independence Day
Friday August 24 Flag Day
Thursday November 01 National Thanksgiving Day First Thursday of November
Thursday November 29 William Tubman's Birthday
Tuesday December 25 Christmas Day


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