Fast and Prayer Day in Liberia in 2021

Fast and Prayer Day in Liberia in 2021
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  Dates of Fast and Prayer Day in Liberia
2022 Liberia Fri, Apr 8 National Holiday
2021 Liberia Tue, Feb 9 National Holiday
2020 Liberia Fri, Apr 10 National Holiday
2019 Liberia Fri, Apr 12 National Holiday
2018 Liberia Fri, Apr 13 National Holiday
A religious holiday dedicated to collective reflection and self-discipline

When is Fast and Prayer Day?

Fast and Prayer is a national holiday observed in Liberia on the second Friday in April.

This day is a religious holiday dedicated to collective reflection and self-discipline.

Traditions of Fast and Prayer Day

The holiday was first observed in 1883 when an Act of the National Legislature was passed into law declaring the second Friday in April of each year as "National Fast and Prayer Day" for the safety and welfare of the Nation and its people with penitent reverence to God.

The Day is observed as a Day of Supplication, Prayer, Fasting and Meditation for the common cause of the Nation, the State and humanity.

Each year the President of Liberia will issue a Proclamation for this holiday in the days before the date.

Though Liberia is a predominately a Christian country, the annual Proclamation calls on all Prelates, Priests, Elders, Deacons, Evangelists, Imams and all residents, regardless of religious creed, to gather with one accord in their respective places of worship within the territorial confines of Liberia in simple and non-costly apparel to fast, pray and meditate commencing at 8:00 a.m.

The Proclamation usually orders all public offices, business houses and market places to remain closed on this day, while citizens and foreign residents, will cease from their daily occupations and avocations in further recognition of God’s love and guidance for the nation.

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