Decoration Day in Liberia in 2025

Decoration Day in Liberia in 2025
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  How long until Decoration Day?
Decoration Day
  Dates of Decoration Day in Liberia
2025 Liberia Wed, Mar 12 National Holiday
2024 Liberia Wed, Mar 13 National Holiday
2023 Liberia Wed, Mar 8 National Holiday
2022 Liberia Wed, Mar 9 National Holiday
2021 Liberia Wed, Mar 10 National Holiday

A day to celebrate the memory of those who have lived and died in the interest of the Liberian Nation

When is Decoration Day?

Decoration Day is a National Holiday in the Republic of Liberia, on the second Wednesday of March each year.

The day is observed is in recognition of the nation’s past heroes and heroines, who have lived and died in the interest of their country.

History of Decoration Day

Each year, the President of Liberia will issue a Proclamation for this holiday in line with an Act of the National Legislature approved on October 24th 1916 which declared the second Wednesday of March in each year to be known as "Decoration Day" and to be observed as a National Holiday.

The Presidential Proclamation usually states that it is befitting that a day is set aside to celebrate the memory of those blessed dead, who have lived and died in the interest of the Liberian Nation, thereby keeping ever alive their deeds and invaluable contributions made to society and the State for the onward march to progress.

A recent Proclamation called on citizens and foreign residents within the territorial borders of Liberia to remember and cherish the love, affection, and constant joy and caring which existed between their deceased family members and friends who once lived so dearly with them before their death.  The release continued by saying that important historical events are to be constantly kept in the minds of its citizens, particularly the youth in order to inspire them to larger measures of service and patriotism.

The Proclamation also orders that the National Ensign be flown at half-mast from all public buildings, military camps and private residences from 12:01 AM to 5:30 PM.

People remember their dearly departed by gathering at cemeteries and laying wreaths over the tombs.

It has also become a literal decoration day when people give graves and cemeteries a clean, removing overgrown grass, garbage, vandalism and wear and tear from the elements.

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