Armed Forces Day in Liberia in 2025

Armed Forces Day in Liberia in 2025
  How long until Armed Forces Day?
Armed Forces Day
  Dates of Armed Forces Day in Liberia
2025 Liberia Tue, Feb 11 National Holiday
2024 Feb 11, Feb 12
LiberiaMon, Feb 12National Holiday (in lieu)
LiberiaSun, Feb 11National Holiday
2023 Liberia Sat, Feb 11 National Holiday
2022 Liberia Fri, Feb 11 National Holiday
2021 Liberia Thu, Feb 11 National Holiday

In 1957 an Act of National Legislature, declared February 11th as Armed Forces Day to be observed as a National Holiday

When is Armed Forces Day?

Armed Forces Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Liberia and is celebrated on February 11th.

The day is set aside as a day of commemoration for all those soldiers who have performed heroic duties in service to the nation and who have safeguarded the nation's territorial integrity and protected its freedoms since 1909.

History of Armed Forces Day

Though Liberia protected itself with a militia in the 19th century, the origins of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) date back to February 6th 1908 when a formal military organization was set up with a charge to patrol the borders of the country and prevent encroachment. The force was also used to collect taxes for the government.

This first military force was known as the Liberia Frontier Force. Later the name became the Liberia National Guard and finally, it became officially known as the Armed Forces of Liberia, (AFL).

In 1957, an Act of Legislature was passed declaring February 11th each year as Armed Forces Day, to be observed as a national holiday throughout the Republic.

When the day became a holiday, the intention was to recognize and honor an important event in this West African's country nationhood.

Since then, involvement in the coup of 1980 and the Lutheran Church massacre in the First Liberian Civil War have heightened the need to use the day to also push for higher standards in the country's armed forces.

Each year, the president of the Republic of Liberia and Commander-In-Chief of the AFL, by Proclamation declares February 11th as “Armed Forces Day” to be observed as a National Holiday throughout the Republic.

The Proclamation directs all military and paramilitary organizations within the Republic to organize and execute appropriate programs including parades and other ceremonies in recognition of the Day.

According to the Proclamation, Special attention and honor will be given and paid to Veterans of the Army and the Coast Guard, who have seen active and experienced actual services therein, and upheld the tenants of democracy and human rights during service, and that also all Government Offices, Public and Business Houses be closed on that day.

The proclamation further states that the Armed Forces Day celebration is also in recognition of the vital role of the Armed Forces of Liberia in Defending and protecting Liberia’s Territorial integrity and its people from foreign aggression and upholding the social and Political Liberty of the people of Liberia as enshrined in the constitution of Liberia.

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