National Holidays in Liechtenstein in 2022

This landlocked Alpine principality nestled in the heart of Europe enjoys a generous helping of public holidays, with most holidays related to major Catholic festivals. Even the National Day is celebrated on Assumption Day.

When are the next National holidays in Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein Upcoming Holidays

List of Holidays in Liechtenstein in 2022

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Saturday New Year's Day National Holiday
Sunday Berchtolds Day Not A Public Holiday Bank Holiday
Thursday Three King's Day National Holiday
Wednesday Candlemas National Holiday
Tuesday Carnival Not A Public Holiday Bank Holiday
Saturday St. Joseph's Day National Holiday
Friday Good Friday Not A Public Holiday Some schools and businesses may close
Sunday Easter National Holiday
Monday Easter Monday National Holiday
Sunday Labour Day National Holiday International Workers' Day
Thursday Ascension Day National Holiday 39 days after Easter Sunday
Sunday Whitsunday National Holiday 50 Days after Easter
Monday Whit Monday National Holiday 7th Monday after Easter
Thursday Corpus Christi National Holiday Second Thursday after Whitsun
Monday National Day National Holiday
Thursday Nativity of Our Lady National Holiday
Tuesday All Saints' Day National Holiday
Thursday Immaculate Conception Day National Holiday
Saturday Christmas Eve Not A Public Holiday Bank Holiday
Sunday Christmas Day National Holiday
Monday St. Stephen's Day National Holiday Second day of Christmas
Saturday New Year's Eve Not A Public Holiday