National Holidays in Iran in 2022

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When are the next National holidays in Iran?

Iran Upcoming Holidays

List of Holidays in Iran in 2022

Day Date Holiday Name Comments
Thursday Martyrdom Of Hazrat Fatimah Jumada al-Thani 3
Friday Islamic Revolution Day National Day
Tuesday Imam Ali's Birthday Rajab 13
Tuesday The Prohet's Ascension Rajab 27
Saturday Imam Mahdi's Birthday Sha'aban 15
Sunday Oil Nationalisation Day Esfand 29
Monday Nowruz Iranian New Year
Tuesday Nowruz Holiday
Wednesday Nowruz Holiday
Thursday Nowruz Holiday
Friday Islamic Republic Day Farvardin 12
Saturday Nature Day Farvardin 13
Saturday Martyrdom of Imam Ali Ramadan 21
Tuesday Eid e-Fitr End of Ramadan
Wednesday The Day after Eid-e-Fitr Shawwal 2
Friday Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq Shawwal 25
Saturday Demise of Imam Khomeini Khordad 14
Sunday Khordad National Uprising Khordad 15
Sunday Eid-e-Qorban Feast of the Sacrifice
Monday Eid-e-Ghadir Dhu al-Hijjah 18
Monday Ashoura 10th day of Muslim New Year
Tuesday Tasoua Hosseini Muharram 9
Saturday Arbaeen Safar 20
Sunday Death of Prophet Muhammed / Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Safar 28
Monday Martyrdom of Imam Reza Safar 29
Wednesday Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari Rabi'-ul-Awwal 8
Sunday Birthday of Muhammad and Imam Sadegh Rabi'-ul-Awwal 17


  • Though officially only Friday, Thursday and Friday are considered as the weekend in Iran.