Martyrdom of Imam Reza in Iran in 2024

Martyrdom of Imam Reza in Iran in 2024
The Imam Reza Shrine is the largest mosque in the world by dimension. Image by Pe3check , via Deposit Photos
  How long until Martyrdom of Imam Reza?
Martyrdom of Imam Reza
  Dates of Martyrdom of Imam Reza in Iran
2025 Iran Mon, Aug 25 National Holiday
2024 Iran Wed, Sep 4 National Holiday
2023 Iran Sat, Sep 16 National Holiday
2022 Iran Tue, Sep 27 National Holiday
2021 Iran Thu, Oct 7 National Holiday

Imam Reza was a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and the eighth Shi'ite Imam

When is Imam Reza's martyrdom anniversary?

Imam Reza's martyrdom anniversary is a national holiday in Iran on the 30th day in the Islamic month of Safar.

This holiday commemorates the martyrdom of the eighth Shia Imam Reza in the year 818.

History of Imam Reza's martyrdom anniversary

After the death of the Prophet Muhammad, Islam faced a long period of political and religious upheaval with the schism of the split into Sunni and Shia branches. It also led to power struggles with the Caliphate passing from one dynasty to another over the following centuries.

The Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia was chosen from the descendants of Muhammad. In 799, Alī ibn Mūsā ar-Riḍā became Imam Reza, the 8th Shia Imam, after the death of his father, Imam Musa al-Kadhim.

Reza was Imam for almost twenty years during which time he gained a reputation as a respected, knowledgeable and highly spiritual leader.

The Abbasid Caliphate ruled the Muslim world at the time and the Caliph Al-Ma'mun designated Imam Reza as the successor to the Caliphate to quell Shia revolts.

According to Shia historians, Al-Ma'mun was shocked and threatened when he saw that Imam Reza was more popular than he was. The Caliph then conspired to kill Imam Reza by poisoning him in June 818. 

The Imam was buried at the Imam Reza shrine in a village, in in the Iranian northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi, now called Mashhad ("the place of martyrdom").

Each year on this day, millions of Iranians attend mourning processions to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Reza.

Mourners clad in black, from various social classes and age groups gather at mosques and religious sites across Iran. Eulogies are given and sermons delivered in honour of the revered Shia Imam during the ceremonies.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan and several other countries will visit the holy city of Mashhad and Imam Reza’s mausoleum.

Memorial services also take place elsewhere in Iran, such as the cities of Qom, in central Iran, and Shiraz, in the southwest, which are home to the shrines of Imam Reza’s revered sister and one of his brothers, respectively.

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