Islamic Republic Day in Iran in 2025

Islamic Republic Day in Iran in 2025
  How long until Islamic Republic Day?
Islamic Republic Day
  Dates of Islamic Republic Day in Iran
2025 Iran Tue, Apr 1 National Holiday
2024 Iran Sun, Mar 31 National Holiday
2023 Iran Sat, Apr 1 National Holiday
2022 Iran Fri, Apr 1 National Holiday
2021 Iran Thu, Apr 1 National Holiday

Marks the anniversary of the 1979 establishment of the Islamic Republic

Islamic Republic Day is a public holiday in Iran observed on the twelfth day of the first Persian month of Farvardin. This usually means it is celebrated on April 1st in the western calendar.

This holiday celebrates the anniversary of the 1979 establishment of the Islamic Republic.

History of Islamic Republic Day

In February 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran after 15 years in exile and led the campaign to overthrow the Shah of Iran.

Two months later, the new government held a referendum on establishing the Islamic Republic based on a new constitution replacing the Persian monarchy that had ruled for 2,500 years.

On 12 Farvardin, the results of the referendum were  announced with 98.2% of the Iranian people voting in favour of an Islamic Republic

The month of Farvardin is determined by the vernal equinox. If the equinox falls on March 21st, Farvardin 12 is on April 1st.

This public holiday is followed by another public holiday on Farvardin 13. Sidzeh Bedar (also known as Nature Day) marks the culmination of the festivities for Nowruz, Persian New Year.

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