General Holidays in Alberta in 2019

Alberta 2019

List of Holidays in Alberta in 2019

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Tuesday New Year's Day Statutory Holiday
Monday Family Day Regional Holiday Statutory holiday in several provinces
Friday Good Friday Regional Holiday Statutory, optional in Quebec
Monday Easter Monday Regional Holiday Nunavut. Optional in Alberta and Quebec
Sunday Mother's Day Not A Public Holiday
Monday Victoria Day Regional Holiday Most provinces
Sunday Father's Day Not A Public Holiday 3rd Sunday in June. Not a public holiday
Monday Canada Day Statutory Holiday National Day
Monday Heritage Day Regional Holiday Optional General Holiday. First Monday in August
Monday Labour Day Statutory Holiday First Monday in September
Monday Thanksgiving Regional Holiday 2nd Monday in October
Monday Remembrance Day Regional Holiday Statutory holiday in most provinces and territories
Wednesday Christmas Day Statutory Holiday
Thursday Boxing Day Regional Holiday


  • The four optional holidays that are NOT statutory holidays in Alberta are Easter Monday, Heritage Day, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and Boxing Day. Provincially regulated employers in Alberta are not required by law to give employees the day off, though they may choose to do so.