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This page lists news items related to public holidays around the world.

Keeping up to date with changes to holidays can be more difficult than you might think with events that essentially happen each year. To help keep everyone updated on public holidays news, we issue news releases in English that are not covered by other news agencies.

News Releases from

Date Country/Region News Item
02 Jul 2018 Taiwan Taiwan public holidays for 2019 announced
06 Jun 2018 Nigeria Democracy Day moved to 12th June from 2019
11 May 2018 Hong Kong Hong Kong public holidays for 2019 announced
10 May 2018 Malaysia 10 and 11 May 2018 announced as public holidays in Malaysia
24 Apr 2018 United Arab Emirates Resolution pertaining to public holidays in Dubai
11 Apr 2018 Malaysia Malaysia declares May 9 election day a national holiday
11 Apr 2018 United Arab Emirates UAE confirms Isra'a Wal Mi'raj holiday date for public and private sectors
04 Apr 2018 Singapore Singapore public holidays for 2019 announced
29 Dec 2017 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates public holidays for 2018 announced
02 Aug 2016 La Rioja, Spain La Rioja public holidays for 2017 approved
09 Jun 2016 Russia Russia announces proposals for public holidays for 2017
22 May 2016 Mauritius Mauritius announces public holidays for 2017
13 May 2016 Indonesia Indonesia announces public holidays for 2017
26 Nov 2015 Belarus Belarus announces public holidays for 2016
12 Nov 2015 Dominican republic Dominican Republic announces public holidays for 2016

We also monitor news agencies and government websites to track changes and news affecting any public holidays around the world. Below we list the latest news items from these sources.

Latest News

Date Country/Region News Item
19 Jul 2018 Zimbabwe Election Day declared public holiday
19 Jul 2018 Egypt PM: Monday public holiday to mark July 23 revolution
16 Jul 2018 Oman Renaissance Day holiday announced in Oman
12 Jul 2018 Pakistan Public holiday declared on election day
09 Jul 2018 South Sudan South Sudan cancels Independence Day celebrations amid war
05 Jul 2018 Uganda Public Holiday for LC 1 elections on Tuesday, 10th July
02 Jul 2018 Sri Lanka Next year's major public holidays during weekends
29 Jun 2018 Pakistan Bank Holiday on July 2nd
29 Jun 2018 Ghana Akufo-Addo declares Monday holiday
26 Jun 2018 Egypt 1 July public holiday to commemorate Egypt's 30 June revolution

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