Guru Nanak's Birthday in India in 2019

Guru Nanak's Birthday in India in 2019
  How long until Guru Nanak's Birthday?
This holiday next takes place in 58 days.
  Dates of Guru Nanak's Birthday in India
2021 Nov 18
Arunachal PradeshThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
AssamThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
BiharThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
ChandigarhThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
DelhiThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
GujaratThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
HaryanaThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
JharkhandThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
MaharashtraThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
MizoramThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
NagalandThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
PunjabThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
RajasthanThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
TelanganaThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
UttarakhandThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
West BengalThu, Nov 18Regional Holiday
2020 Nov 30
Arunachal PradeshMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
AssamMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
ChandigarhMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
DelhiMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
GujaratMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
HaryanaMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
JharkhandMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
KeralaMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
MaharashtraMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
NagalandMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
PunjabMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
RajasthanMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
TelanganaMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
UttarakhandMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
West BengalMon, Nov 30Regional Holiday
2019 Nov 12
Arunachal PradeshTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
AssamTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
BiharTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
ChandigarhTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
DelhiTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
GujaratTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
HaryanaTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
JharkhandTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
MaharashtraTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
MizoramTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
NagalandTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
PunjabTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
RajasthanTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
TelanganaTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
UttarakhandTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
West BengalTue, Nov 12Regional Holiday
2018 Nov 23
Arunachal PradeshFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
AssamFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
ChandigarhFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
DelhiFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
GujaratFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
HaryanaFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
HaryanaFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
JharkhandFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
MaharashtraFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
NagalandFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
PunjabFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
RajasthanFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
TelanganaFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
UttarakhandFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
West BengalFri, Nov 23Regional Holiday
2017 Nov 4
Arunachal PradeshSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
AssamSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
BiharSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
ChandigarhSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
DelhiSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
GoaSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
GujaratSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
HaryanaSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
JharkhandSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
KeralaSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
MaharashtraSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
MeghalayaSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
MizoramSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
NagalandSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
PunjabSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
RajasthanSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
TelanganaSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
UttarakhandSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
West BengalSat, Nov 4Regional Holiday
The Birthday of Guru Nanak Sahib, the founder of Sikhism, falls on full moon day of the month Kartik
  Guru Nanak's Birthday in other countries
Guru Nanak's Birthday internationally
  Which regions observe Guru Nanak's Birthday in 2019?
Arunachal Pradesh  Arunachal PradeshNov 12Regional Holiday
Assam  AssamNov 12Regional Holiday
Bihar  BiharNov 12Regional Holiday
Chandigarh  ChandigarhNov 12Regional Holiday
Chhattisgarh  ChhattisgarhNov 12Regional Holiday
Delhi  DelhiNov 12Regional Holiday
Gujarat  GujaratNov 12Regional Holiday
Haryana  HaryanaNov 12Regional Holiday
Himachal Pradesh  Himachal PradeshNov 12Regional Holiday
Jammu and Kashmir  Jammu and KashmirNov 12Regional Holiday
Jharkhand  JharkhandNov 12Regional Holiday
Madhya Pradesh  Madhya PradeshNov 12Regional Holiday
Maharashtra  MaharashtraNov 12Regional Holiday
Mizoram  MizoramNov 12Regional Holiday
Nagaland  NagalandNov 12Regional Holiday
Punjab  PunjabNov 12Regional Holiday
Rajasthan  RajasthanNov 12Regional Holiday
Telangana  TelanganaNov 12Regional Holiday
Uttar Pradesh  Uttar PradeshNov 12Regional Holiday
Uttarakhand  UttarakhandNov 12Regional Holiday
West Bengal  West BengalNov 12Regional Holiday

When is Guru Nanak's Birthday?

Guru Nanak Sahib, the founder of Sikhism and the first Sikh Guru, was born on 15th April 1469 at Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi in the present district of Shekhupura (Pakistan), now Nanakana Sahib.

In India this day may also be called Guru Nanak Gurpurb. It is a gazetted holiday in many states and Indian stocks, bonds and currency markets are closed.

The Birthday of Guru Nanak Sahib falls on Kartik Puranmashi, the full moon day of the month Kartik (usually November).

Who was Guru Nanak?

Guru Nanak's religious ideas developed from both Hindu and Islamic thought, but are more than a simple synthesis. Nanak was an original spiritual thinker and he expressed his thoughts and ideas in poetry that forms the basis of Sikh scripture.

Little is known about the life of Nanak, but it is accepted that Nanak was born approx. 40 miles from Lahore in modern day Pakistan) in 1469.

Sikh traditions teach that his birth and early years were marked with many events that demonstrated that God had marked him out for something special and was keeping an eye on him.

This is one of the main sacred festivals in Sikh community and Sikhs celebrate Gurupurav all over India, and notably at the Shrine (Gurdwara) representing the home of Baba Kalu (Father) and Mata Tripta (Mother) called Gurdwara Janam Asthan, situated at Rai-Bhoi-di-Talwandi in the present district of Shekhupura (now Nanakana Sahib in Pakistan).

Sikhs from all over the world gather here and celebrate the Gurupurav every year with great devotion and enthusiasm.


On 28 May 2014, the Punjab Assembly on adopted a resolution tabled by MPA Ramesh Singh Arora to declare birthday of Baba Guru Nanak a public holiday in Pakistan from 2014 onwards. This resolution has not become enacted, so there is no public holiday in Pakistan.

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