Family Day in British Columbia 2019

National and public holidays in British Columbia, Canada Regional Holiday in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia celebrates Family Day on the second Monday in February.
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When is Family Day in British Columbia?

How long until Family Day?
This holiday next takes place in 94 Days.
Dates of Family Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Monday
2019 Monday
2018 Monday
2017 Monday
2016 Monday
Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island
Family day is a holiday on the third Monday in February in several provinces
Related holiday
Family Day

Family Day in British Columbia is a provincial holiday currently celebrated on the Second Monday in February.

Family Day is a provincial holiday in some other regions of Canada on the third Monday in February. Other regions may also have a holiday on this day with a different name than Family Day.

History of Family Day in British Columbia

British Columbia has celebrated Family Day since 2013.

Premier Christy Clark proposed the statutory holiday in 2011, and the date of the second Monday in February was chosen through an online poll arranged by the provincial government.

The B.C. government announced on 9 February 2018, that starting in 2019, Family will be held be on the third Monday of February, bringing it in line with other provinces in Canada.

As the holiday is a provincial holiday, federal employees may not have the day off. The post will be operating and banks and restaurants are allowed to open. Some businesses may stay closed as opening on a holiday means they have to pay employees extra to work on a holiday.

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