Nova Scotia Heritage Day around the world in 2021

Nova Scotia Heritage Day around the world in 2021
  How long until Nova Scotia Heritage Day?
This holiday next takes place in 357 days.
  Dates of Nova Scotia Heritage Day around the world
2022 CanadaFeb 21
Nova Scotia Mon, Feb 21Regional Holiday
2021 CanadaFeb 15
Nova Scotia Mon, Feb 15Regional Holiday
2020 CanadaFeb 17
Nova Scotia Mon, Feb 17Regional Holiday
2019 CanadaFeb 18
Nova Scotia Mon, Feb 18Regional Holiday
2018 CanadaFeb 19
Nova Scotia Mon, Feb 19Regional Holiday
The third Monday in February is a holiday in Nova Scotia to celebrate the heritage of the province
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When is Heritage Day in Nova Scotia?

Heritage Day in Nova Scotia is a provincial holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February in Nova Scotia.

Heritage Day replaces the Family Day Holiday observed on the third Monday of February in other areas of Canada.

History of Heritage Day in Nova Scotia

Introduced in 2015, each year this holiday will honour a different person or event, chosen by Nova Scotian school children.

The first subject was Viola Desmond.

As 2020 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Africville apology, Heritage Day will honour this National Historic Site, which holds great significance to the African Nova Scotian community.

Heritage Day 2019 honoured Maud Lewis, a world-famous folk artist. Lewis painted scenes that evoke feelings of innocence and child-like exuberance that is as enduring as the springtimes she loved to paint. 

Other days have or will recognize Mona Louise Parsons (2018), Mi'kmaq heritage (2017), Africville, Joseph Howe, Edward Francis Arab, Nora Bernard, Carrie Best, J. Willie Comeau, Grand-Pré National Historic Site, William Hall, Rita Joe.

As the holiday is a provincial holiday, federal employees may not have the day off. The post will be operating and banks and restaurants are allowed to open. Supermarkets, malls and banks will be closed, along with schools and public librarys. Public transport will operate on a different schedule to a normal Monday.

Some businesses may stay closed as opening on a holiday means they have to pay employees extra to work on a holiday as according to the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code, any employee who works on the holiday will get holiday pay, plus extra pay for the time they actually worked on the holiday; alternatively, they will get their regular pay for the day plus another paid day off.

Note that the holiday pay provisions do not apply to unionized employees who work under collective agreements, but many unionized employees will still get Heritage Day as a holiday, as statutory holidays often form part of collective agreements.

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