Facts about Independence Day

Marks the Peruvian declaration of independence from Spain in 1821.

To mark the day, here are 12 interesting facts about Independence Day.

There are over 3,000 different varieties of Potato grown in Peru Independence Day Facts

The Largest Flying Bird on Earth can be found in Peru, The Giant Andean Condor Independence Day Facts

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world with an elevation of 11,436 feet. Independence Day Facts

The Amazon River is the longest river in the world and it starts in Peru! Independence Day Facts

The Atacama Desert located in Peru and Chile is the driest place on Earth. Independence Day Facts

Peru is home to the Puya Raimondii, the world’s tallest flowering plant. The Puya Raimondii stands at a height of five metres. It can take between 80 and 150 years to flower. Once it does, it can produce over 30 thousand white blooms. Independence Day Facts

Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru is the deepest canyon in the world. The Cotahuasi Canyon has a depth of 3,232 metres - to put that in perspective, that’s twice the depth of the United States’ Grand Canyon. Independence Day Facts

The Andes Mountains are the second-highest mountain range in the world, after the Himalayas. Independence Day Facts

The Camu-Camu fruit grows in the Amazon rainforest in Peru and has the highest vitamin C concentration of any food, about 60 times that of an orange. Independence Day Facts

Peruvian Coati Dung Coffee is the most expensive in the world. Independence Day Facts

Peru is the only country in the world, whose English name can be typed on a single row of a standard computer keyboard. Independence Day Facts

Although Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador speak Quechua, Peru has more Quecha speakers than any other country. The words “llama”, “jerky”, and “quinoa” originate from Quechua. Independence Day Facts
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