Public Holidays in Madrid in 2021

Madrid 2021

List of Holidays in Madrid in 2021

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Friday New Year's Day Public Holiday
Wednesday Epiphany Public Holiday
Friday Father's Day Not A Public Holiday Celebrated on St. Joseph's day
Friday St. Joseph's Day Regional Holiday Several regions
Thursday Holy Thursday Regional Holiday except Catalonia and Valenciana
Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
Saturday Labour Day Public Holiday International Workers' Day
Sunday Mother's Day Not A Public Holiday 1st Sunday in May. Not a public holiday
Monday Community Festival of Madrid (in lieu) Regional Holiday Madrid only
Saturday Feast of St. Isidro Regional Holiday City of Madrid only. Patron Saint of Madrid
Sunday St. James' Day Regional Holiday Patron saint of Spain
Sunday Assumption of the Virgin Public Holiday
Tuesday Hispanic Day Public Holiday National Day
Monday All Saints' Day Public Holiday
Tuesday Our Lady of the Almudena Regional Holiday City of Madrid Only
Monday Constitution Day Public Holiday
Wednesday Immaculate Conception Day Public Holiday
Saturday Christmas Day Public Holiday


  • The community of Madrid observes twelve holidays each year. Regional municipalities can have two additional local holidays. On this page we show those observed in the city of Madrid.