Saint Dévote's Day 2020

Monacon National Holidays Public Holiday in Monaco

Stamp showing the arrival of St. Dévote's body in Monaco

When is Saint Dévote's Day?

How long until Saint Dévote's Day?
This holiday next takes place in 247 Days.
Dates of Saint Dévote's Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Monday
2019 Sunday
2018 Saturday
2017 Friday
2016 Wednesday
1 Day
Saint Devote is the patron saint of Monaco. She was killed during the Roman persecutions of Christians in 303AD

This public holiday in Monaco is always celebrated on 27 January.

Saint Devota (French: Saint Dévote) is the Patron Saint of Monaco and her feast day in the Catholic Church is 27 January.

History of Saint Dévote's Day

According to tradition, Devota was born in Corsica in about 283AD. She was a Christian and had decided to devote herself to the service of god.

Devota was imprisoned and tortured for her faith during the Diocletian persecution of Christians and was martyred for her faith by either being stoned to death or racked in 303 AD.

Following her death, the governor of Corsica ordered that her body be burnt so that her remains would not become venerated. Her body was saved from the fire by Christians and put on a boat bound for Africa, where she would receive a proper Christian burial. During the journey, there was a raging storm and it is said that a dove appeared to guide the boat to the coast, landing safely in the Principality of Monaco on 27 January.

Over the centuries, the tale of Saint Devota has become one of the oldest and best-loved traditions in Monaco, and it is believed that Saint Devota has protected the Principality in its times of need.

Did you know?

Saint Devota is also the Patron Saint of Corsica.

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