Restoration of the State Day

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How long until Restoration of the State Day?
This holiday next takes place in 67 Days.
Dates of Restoration of the State Day
Year Weekday Date
2019 Saturday February 16th
2018 Friday February 16th
2017 Thursday February 16th
2016 Tuesday February 16th
2015 Monday February 16th
1 Day
Local Name
Lietuvos valstybės atkūrimo diena
The Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed by the Council of Lithuania on 16 February 1918, proclaiming the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania

Always celebrated on 16 February, this holiday marks the act of independence from Germany in 1918. This holiday is Lithuania's National Day.

Under King Mindaugas, Lithuania emerged as a state in the 13th century and by the 18th century Lithuania had become part of the Russian Empire. During the first world war, the country was occupied by German troops as they advanced towards Russia.

Following the Russian revolution in 1917, Germany encouraged Lithuanians to determine their future, in the hope they would prefer a union with Germany rather than Russia. Germany supported the establishment of a Council of Lithuania who would decide on Lithuania's future.

Against the wishes of Germany, the Council of Lithuania decided not to align their natiion with either Germany or Russia and instead signed the Act of Independence of Lithuania on 16 February 1918. The act proclaimed the restoration of an independent and democratic State of Lithuania, with Vilnius as its capital.

Not surprisingly the publication of the Act was prohibited by the German authorities. It was only when Germany was defeated in November 1918, that the first Cabinet of Lithuania was formed and the council gained control of Lithuania.

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