National Holidays in Kenya in 2020

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Kenya When are the next National holidays in Kenya?

Kenya Upcoming Holidays

Kenya List of Holidays in Kenya in 2020

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Wednesday New Year's Day National Holiday
Tuesday Moi Memorial Day National Holiday
Friday Good Friday National Holiday International Catholic holiday
Monday Easter Monday National Holiday
Friday Labour Day National Holiday International Workers' Day
Monday Idd-ul-Fitr National Holiday Date varies on Lunar cycle
Monday Madaraka Day National Holiday
Friday Idd-ul-Azha National Holiday Sacrifice Feast
Saturday Huduma Day National Holiday
Tuesday Mashujaa Day National Holiday
Saturday Diwali National Holiday The Festival of Lights
Saturday Jamhuri Day National Holiday National Day
Friday Christmas Day National Holiday
Saturday Utamaduni Day National Holiday National Culture Day


  • Holidays falling on Sunday are observed the following Monday
  • * public holidays for all persons belonging to the Islamic faith.
  • ** public holidays for all persons belonging to the Hindu faith.

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