Public Holidays in Israel in 2022

Israel 2022

List of Holidays in Israel in 2022

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Thursday Purim Not A Public Holiday
Saturday Pesach I Public Holiday Passover begins
Friday Pesach VII Public Holiday Passover ends
Wednesday Memorial Day Not A Public Holiday Statutory holiday
Thursday Independence Day Public Holiday National Day
Monday Victory Day Public Holiday
Sunday Jerusalem Day Not A Public Holiday
Sunday Pentecost Public Holiday Shavuot
Sunday Fast of Ninth of Av Public Holiday
Monday Rosh Hashanah Public Holiday Jewish New Year
Tuesday Rosh Hashanah Public Holiday
Wednesday Day of Atonement Public Holiday Yom Kippur
Monday Sukkot Public Holiday Feast of Tabernacles
Monday Simchat Torah Public Holiday
Tuesday Public Holiday Public Holiday Parliamentary elections
Monday Hanukkah Not A Public Holiday A holiday period, but not a national holiday


  • Only the first and last days of Passover and Sukkot are national holidays, but there may be some disruption on intermediate dates; many shops and businesses may open but close early.
  • Public holidays in Israel are national holidays officially recognised by the Knesset, Israel's parliament.
  • There are several observances in Israel that are called National Holidays but are not non-working days. They are marked in yellow above.