Israel Public Holiday in Israel in 2024

Israel Public Holiday in Israel in 2024
  How long until Israel Public Holiday?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Israel Public Holiday in Israel
2024 Israel Tue, Feb 27 Public Holiday
2022 Israel Tue, Nov 1 Public Holiday
2021 Israel Tue, Mar 23 Public Holiday
2020 Israel Mon, Mar 2 Public Holiday
2019 Apr 9, Sep 17
IsraelTue, Sep 17Public Holiday
IsraelTue, Apr 9Public Holiday

Election days in Israel are national holidays, a measure aimed at encouraging participation

In Israel, Election Days are days off from work and public transport is free to enable eligible voters wherever they are in the country to travel to their polling stations and participate in elections. 

According to the experts, a day off on Election Day costs the economy between NIS 1.5 and 4 billion.

Most members of the Knesset support a call to eliminate the national holiday for Knesset Election Day due to the cost to the economy.

Some fear that eliminating the day off will result in lower voter turnout, however, a poll released by Globes shows that 85% of registered voters say it makes no difference.

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