Public Holidays in Germany in 2020

Germany 2020

List of Holidays in Germany in 2020

Day Date Holiday Name German Name Type Comments
Wednesday New Year's Day Neujahrstag Public Holiday
Monday Three King's Day Heilige Drei Könige Regional Holiday Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt
Monday Fasching Fastnacht Not A Public Holiday Not a Public Holiday
Sunday International Women's Day Tag der Frau Regional Holiday Berlin
Friday Good Friday Karfreitag Public Holiday
Sunday Easter Sunday Ostersonntag Regional Holiday Brandenburg
Monday Easter Monday Ostermontag Public Holiday
Friday Labour Day Tag der Arbeit Public Holiday International Workers' Day
Friday Victory in Europe Day Tag des Sieges in Europa Regional Holiday Berlin
Sunday Mother's Day Muttertag Not A Public Holiday 2nd Sunday in May. Not a public holiday
Thursday Ascension Day Christi Himmelfahrt Public Holiday 39 days after Easter Sunday
Thursday Father's Day Vatertag Not A Public Holiday Celebrated on Ascension Day
Monday Whit Monday Pfingstmontag Public Holiday 7th Monday after Easter
Thursday Corpus Christi Fronleichnam Regional Holiday Several states
Saturday Assumption Day Mariä Himmelfahrt Regional Holiday Bavaria, Saarland
Sunday World Children's Day Weltkindertag Regional Holiday Not confirmed
Saturday German Unity Day Tag der Deutschen Einheit Public Holiday Celebrated on October 3rd
Saturday Reformation Day Reformationstag Regional Holiday Several states
Sunday All Saints' Day Allerheiligen Regional Holiday Several states
Wednesday Repentance Day Buß- und Bettag Regional Holiday Saxony
Friday Christmas Day Weihnachtstag Public Holiday
Saturday St. Stephen's Day Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag Public Holiday Second day of Christmas


  • Except for German Unity Day, public holidays in Germany are determined by the federal states.
  • Holidays are normally observed on their calendar date.