National Holidays in East Timor in 2023

When are the next National holidays in East Timor?

East Timor Upcoming Holidays

List of Holidays in East Timor in 2023

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Sunday New Year's Day National Holiday
Sunday Chinese New Year Government Holiday Public sector only
Wednesday Ash Wednesday Government Holiday Public sector only
Friday Veterans' Day National Holiday
Thursday Holy Thursday Government Holiday Public sector only
Friday Holy Friday National Holiday
Saturday Idul Fitri National Holiday End of Ramadan
Monday Labour Day National Holiday International Workers' Day
Saturday Independence Restoration Day National Holiday National Day
Thursday Corpus Christi National Holiday Second Thursday after Whitsun
Thursday Idul Adha National Holiday Feast of the Sacrifice
Wednesday Popular Consultation Day National Holiday
Wednesday All Saints' Day National Holiday
Thursday All Souls' Day National Holiday
Sunday Youth National Day National Holiday
Tuesday Proclamation of Independence Day National Holiday
Thursday Memorial Day National Holiday
Friday Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception National Holiday
Monday Christmas Day National Holiday
Sunday National Heroes' Day National Holiday


  • The Law n. 10/2005, of 10th of August, determines national public holidays, official commemorative dates and the granting of days-off, and has been amended by Law n. 3/2016, of 25th of May, to recognise key historical dates of the Timorese Struggle for National Liberation.