Public Holidays in Denmark in 2022

Denmark 2022

List of Holidays in Denmark in 2022

Day Date Holiday Name Danish Name Type Comments
Saturday New Year's Day Nytårsdag Public Holiday
Thursday Maundy Thursday Skærtorsdag Public Holiday Thursday before Easter Sunday
Friday Good Friday Langfredag Public Holiday
Monday Easter Monday Anden påskedag Public Holiday
Sunday Labour Day Arbejdernes kampdag Not A Public Holiday A holiday for certain sectors of the workforce
Sunday Mother's Day Mors dag Not A Public Holiday 2nd Sunday in May. Not a public holiday
Friday General Prayer Day Store bededag Public Holiday The 4th Friday after Easter
Thursday Ascension Day Kristi himmelfart Public Holiday 39 days after Easter Sunday
Friday Bank Holiday Banklukkedag Not A Public Holiday Banks are closed
Sunday Constitution Day Grundlovsdag Government Holiday Government and Banks. Optional in Private sector
Sunday Father's Day Fars dag Not A Public Holiday Celebrated on Constitution Day
Sunday Pentecost Sunday Pinsedag Public Holiday 50 Days after Easter
Monday Whit Monday Anden pinsedag Public Holiday 7th Monday after Easter
Saturday Christmas Eve Day Juleaftensdag Public Holiday Widely observed
Sunday Christmas Day Jul Public Holiday
Monday Second Day of Christmas Anden juledag Public Holiday
Saturday New Year's Eve Nytårsaften Not A Public Holiday Banks are closed