Public Holidays in Spain in 2016

Spain List of National Public holidays of Spain in 2016

Day Date Holiday Comments
Friday January 01 Jan 1 New Years Day
Wednesday January 06 Jan 6 Epiphany Technically not a national holiday, but has been declared a regional holiday in all regions
Monday February 29 Feb 29 Andalucía Day Andalucía only. Became an autonomous community of Spain on 28 February 1980
Tuesday March 01 Mar 1 Balearic Islands Marks the Statute of Autonomy of March 1, 1983
Saturday March 19 Mar 19 Father's Day Celebrated on St. Joseph' s day
Saturday March 19 Mar 19 St Josephs Day Murcia, Valenciana only
Thursday March 24 Mar 24 Maundy Thursday except Catalonia
Friday March 25 Mar 25 Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
Monday March 28 Mar 28 Easter Monday Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Catalonia, La Rioja, Navarra, Valenciana
Monday April 04 Apr 4 Feast of San Vincent Ferrer Andalucía, Valenciana
Saturday April 23 Apr 23 Castile and León Community Day Castile and León only. Commemorates of the Battle of Villalar in 1521
Saturday April 23 Apr 23 St Georges Day National day of Aragon
Sunday May 01 May 1 Labour Day Fiesta del trabajo
Sunday May 01 May 1 Mother's Day 1st Sunday in May. Not a public holiday
Monday May 02 May 2 Community Festival of Madrid Madrid only. Marks a rebellion against the French during the War of Independence
Monday May 02 May 2 Labour Day Holiday
Sunday May 15 May 15 Feast of St. Isidro Madrid only. Patron Saint of Madrid
Monday May 16 May 16 Whit Monday Catalonia. Also Known as Pentecost Monday
Tuesday May 17 May 17 Galician Literature Day Galicia only
Thursday May 26 May 26 Corpus Christi Castilla-La Mancha. second Thursday after Whitsun
Monday May 30 May 30 Canary Islands The first session of the autonomous Canary Islands Parliament was May 30, 1983
Tuesday May 31 May 31 Castilla-La Mancha Día de la Región de Castilla La Mancha
Thursday June 09 Jun 9 La Rioja Marks the approval of the statute of the autonomous community in 1982
Thursday June 09 Jun 9 Murcia Marks the approval of the statute of the autonomous community in 1982
Monday June 13 Jun 13 Feast of St Anthony Ceuta only
Friday June 24 Jun 24 Feast of St John the Baptist Catalonia, Galicia Only
Monday July 25 Jul 25 St James Day Feast day of St. James, patron saint of Spain
Thursday July 28 Jul 28 Day of Cantabria Institutions Cantabria only
Friday August 05 Aug 5 Our Lady of Africa Ceuta only
Monday August 15 Aug 15 Assumption Day Assumption of Mary
Friday September 02 Sep 2 Ceuta Day Día de Ceuta. Marks liberation from Portuguese control in 1415
Thursday September 08 Sep 8 Day of Extremadura Celebrated on the birthday of the Virgin Mary
Thursday September 08 Sep 8 Day of Asturias Celebrated on the birthday of the Virgin Mary
Sunday September 11 Sep 11 National Day of Catalonia marks the anniversary of the recapture of Barcelona in 1714
Monday September 12 Sep 12 Aid El Kebir Ceuta, Melilla only. Feast of Sacrifice
Thursday September 15 Sep 15 Lady of Aparecida The Patron saint of Cantabria
Saturday September 17 Sep 17 Day of Melilla Melilla only. Marks the taking of the city by Duke of Medina Sidonia in 1497
Friday October 07 Oct 7 Basque Constitution Day
Sunday October 09 Oct 9 Valencian Community Day Anniversary of King James I of Aragons capture of the city from the Moors in 1238
Wednesday October 12 Oct 12 Hispanic Day Columbus Day
Tuesday November 01 Nov 1 All Saints Day
Saturday December 03 Dec 3 Feast of St Francis Xavier Navarra only.
Tuesday December 06 Dec 6 Constitution Day
Thursday December 08 Dec 8 Immaculate Conception Day
Sunday December 25 Dec 25 Christmas Day
Monday December 26 Dec 26 Christmas Holiday in lieu of Christmas Day


National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a Public Holiday


  • Public holidays are taken on the day they fall and not moved to the following weekend, if they fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Each municipality has a maximum of 13 public holidays a year; up to nine holidays are set by the national government and at least two are chosen locally.
  • The list of regional holidays changes every year, partly because of national holidays falling on Sundays.

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