La Rioja Day in La Rioja in 2023

La Rioja Day in La Rioja in 2023
The Stone Bridge, (Puenta de la Piedra) in Logrono, La Rioja Image by Travelling Light , via Deposit Photos

  How long until La Rioja Day?
La Rioja Day
  Dates of La Rioja Day in La Rioja
2024 Sun, Jun 9Regional Holiday
2023 Fri, Jun 9Regional Holiday
2022 Thu, Jun 9Regional Holiday
2021 Wed, Jun 9Regional Holiday
2020 Tue, Jun 9Regional Holiday

Marks the approval of the statute of the autonomous community in 1982

  Local name
Día de La Rioja

When is the Day of La Rioja?

Day of La Rioja (Día de La Rioja) is an annual public holiday in the Spanish autonomous community of La Rioja on June 9th each year.

History of Day of La Rioja

This holiday marks the anniversary of the autonomous community of La Rioja's statute being approved on June 9th 1982.

The Spanish autonomous community of La Rioja in northeast Spain is the least populated region of Spain. Historically it formed part of different provinces in the area. It became its own province in 1833, named the Province of Logroño, after the capital town. The province was renamed as La Rioja in 1980.

The region is well known for its red wine, and the region can boast over 500 wineries.

Various events are organised to mark the Day of La Rioja. These include exhibitions of the work of local artists, concerts of modern and traditional music, tastings of traditional dishes and wines (of course), and sports events.

Many people display the flag of their autonomous community during events and on public buildings and private homes. Some people also wear clothes or paint their faces based on the flag's colours.

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