Public Holidays in Bolivia in 2017

Bolivia Upcoming Public Holidays in Bolivia

Public Holiday
Public Holiday

11 October 2017 This Regional holiday is in 16 days. Pando regional holiday celebrated on 11 October

All Souls Day
All Souls Day

2 November 2017 This National holiday is in 38 days. Dedicated to the remembrance of the departed. All Souls' Day follows All Saints'...

Public Holiday
Public Holiday

10 November 2017 This Regional holiday is in 46 days. Potosí regional holiday celebrated on 10 November

Bolivia List of National Public holidays of Bolivia in 2017

Day Date Holiday Comments
Sunday January 01 Jan 1 New Years Day
Sunday January 22 Jan 22 Plurinational State Foundation Day Marks the adoption of new constitution in 2010
Monday January 23 Jan 23 Plurinational State Foundation Holiday
Friday February 10 Feb 10 Public Holiday Oruro only
Monday February 27 Feb 27 Carnival Celebrated Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Tuesday February 28 Feb 28 Carnival Celebrated Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Friday April 14 Apr 14 Good Friday Viernes Santo. Friday before Easter Sunday
Saturday April 15 Apr 15 Public Holiday Tarija only
Monday May 01 May 1 Labour Day Día del Trabajador
Thursday May 25 May 25 Public Holiday Chuquisaca only
Thursday June 15 Jun 15 Corpus Christi Second Thursday after Whitsun
Wednesday June 21 Jun 21 Andean New Year Winter Solstice in Southern Hemisphere
Sunday July 16 Jul 16 Public Holiday La Paz only
Sunday August 06 Aug 6 Independence Day National day. Independence from Spain in 1825
Monday August 07 Aug 7 Independence Day Holiday National day. Independence from Spain in 1825
Thursday September 14 Sep 14 Public Holiday Cochabamba only
Sunday September 24 Sep 24 Public Holiday Santa Cruz only
Wednesday October 11 Oct 11 Public Holiday Pando only
Thursday November 02 Nov 2 All Souls Day Dia de Finados
Friday November 10 Nov 10 Public Holiday Potosí only
Saturday November 18 Nov 18 Public Holiday Beni only
Monday December 25 Dec 25 Christmas Day Navidad


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