Chuquisaca Day in Chuquisaca in 2021

Chuquisaca Day in Chuquisaca in 2021
Flag of Department of Chuquisaca. Image via Office Holidays

  How long until Chuquisaca Day?
This holiday next takes place in 325 days.
  Dates of Chuquisaca Day in Chuquisaca
2022 Wed, May 25Regional Holiday
2021 Tue, May 25Regional Holiday
2020 Mon, May 25Regional Holiday
2019 Sat, May 25Regional Holiday
2018 Fri, May 25Regional Holiday
The Bolivian department of Chuquisaca celebrates a regional holiday on the anniversary of the first call for independence from Spain which took place on this day in 1809.
  Local name
Día del departamento de Chuquisaca

When is Chuquisaca Day?

Chuquisaca Day (Día del departamento de Chuquisaca) is a regional public holiday in the Bolivian department of Chuquisaca on May 25th each year.

History of Chuquisaca Day

Chuquisaca department is located in the centre south of Bolivia. The departmental capital is Sucre, which is also the constitutional capital of Bolivia.

This holiday commemorates Sucre's importance in Latin America's struggle for independence. It was here, while the city was called Chuquisaca, that the first public call for independence from Spain took place on May 25th 1809.

It's revolutionary chops were enhanced further in 1825, when it was where the Act of Independence from Spanish rule was signed on August 6th. It was then designated the capital of independent Bolivia, under the auspices of Simon Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre.

In 1839, the city was renamed in honour of Sucre, who had served as the first effective administrator of the country (and second President). Of course Simon Bolivar had the honour of having the whole country named after him.

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