Poson Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka in 2022

Poson Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka in 2022

  How long until Poson Full Moon Poya?
Poson Full Moon Poya
  Dates of Poson Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka
2023 Sri Lanka Sun, Jun 4 National Holiday
2022 Sri Lanka Tue, Jun 14 National Holiday
2021 Sri Lanka Thu, Jun 24 National Holiday
2020 Jun 4, Jun 5
Sri LankaFri, Jun 5National Holiday
Sri LankaThu, Jun 4National Holiday (additional day)
2019 Sri Lanka Sun, Jun 16 National Holiday

Commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Mahinda

When is Poson Full Moon Poya?

This public holiday in Sri Lanka takes place on the full moon day of Poson, the seventh month in the Sinhalese calendar. It usually falls in June in the Western calendar.

History of Poson Full Moon Poya

Poson Poya is second only in importance to Vesak and commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by the Buddhist missionary monk Mahinda in the 3rd century B.C.

Mahinda met King Devanampiyatissa at Mihintale, a mountain peak near Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, and preached the first sermon. This is why Mihintale is often called 'the cradle of Buddhism' in Sri Lanka.

Although Poson is celebrated across Sri Lanka, the main event is a mass pilgrimage to Anuradhapura, while thousands of white-robed pilgrims climb to the summit of Mihintale to the spot where Mahinda gave his first sermon.

Poson is a very religious festival and temples on the island are filled with devotees and pilgrims to mark this great event. Others may perform religious activities like reading holy books or listen to monks tell stories about Buddha's life.

During the Poson Festival, the selling of alcohol and meat is usually prohibited.

What are Poya?

Every full moon (usually one a month) is a public holiday in Sri Lanka. Each of the full moons have its own name and they are days to commemorate key events in Buddhism.

These full moon days are known as Poya. The Poya dates will change each year and certain Poya dates may be a day before or after the date of the full moon.

On Poya days, shops and businesses will usually close and the sale of alcohol and meat is forbidden.

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