Bak Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka in 2025

Bak Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka in 2025
  How long until Bak Full Moon Poya?
Bak Full Moon Poya
  Dates of Bak Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka
2025 Sri Lanka Sat, Apr 12 National Holiday
2024 Sri Lanka Tue, Apr 23 National Holiday
2023 Sri Lanka Wed, Apr 5 National Holiday
2022 Sri Lanka Sat, Apr 16 National Holiday
2021 Sri Lanka Mon, Apr 26 National Holiday

Celebrates Buddha's second visit to Sri Lanka to make peace between two warring local chiefs, who were also uncle and nephew

When is Bak Full Moon Poya?

Bak Full Moon Poya Day is a national holiday in Sri Lanka. It usually falls in April.

This poya (Bak Pura Pasaloswaka Poya Day) commemorates the second visit of The Buddha to Sri Lanka which took place in the fifth year of his Supreme Enlightenment.

History of Bak Full Moon Poya

Buddha, in the fifth year of his Supreme Enlightenment, returned to Sri Lanka on a Bak Pura Pasaloswaka Poya Day.

According to the Mahavamsa, an epic poem that relates the history of Sri Lanka, the Buddha visited Nagadipa as he wanted to put an end to the feud between two groups belonging to the Naga community and bring peace to the land.

King Mahodara and his nephew, Chulodara, both from the Naga tribe were quarrelling over a gem-studded throne, Manipalaga, which had been given to Chulodara's mother by her father.

The Buddha intervened as the rivals were about to meet in battle. He managed to settle the dispute and created unity through preaching the Dhamma sermons.

Having brought peace to the island, the warring kings had offered the precious throne to the Buddha. He courteously declined the gift. The throne was returned to the Naga Kings and was later enshrined in the Rajayathana stupa at Nagadeepa Rajamaha Viharaya, an ancient Buddhist temple built on the site where the events took place.

On the poya, Buddhists visit temples to reflect and travel to Nagadeepa Rajamaha Viharaya.

What are Poya?

Every full moon (usually one a month) is a public holiday in Sri Lanka. Each of the full moons has its own name and they are days to commemorate key events in Buddhism.

These full moon days are known as Poya. The Poya dates will change each year and certain Poya dates may be a day before or after the date of the full moon.

On Poya days, shops and businesses will usually close and the sale of alcohol and meat is forbidden.

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