Spring Bank Holiday around the world in 2024

Spring Bank Holiday around the world in 2024
  How long until Spring Bank Holiday?
Spring Bank Holiday
  Dates of Spring Bank Holiday around the world
2025 Various May 26
GibraltarMon, May 26National Holiday
GuernseyMon, May 26National Holiday
Isle of ManMon, May 26National Holiday
JerseyMon, May 26National Holiday
United KingdomMon, May 26National Holiday
2024 Various May 27
GibraltarMon, May 27National Holiday
GuernseyMon, May 27National Holiday
Isle of ManMon, May 27National Holiday
JerseyMon, May 27National Holiday
United KingdomMon, May 27National Holiday
2023 Various May 29
GibraltarMon, May 29National Holiday
GuernseyMon, May 29National Holiday
Isle of ManMon, May 29National Holiday
JerseyMon, May 29National Holiday
United KingdomMon, May 29National Holiday
2022 Various Jun 2
GibraltarThu, Jun 2National Holiday
GuernseyThu, Jun 2National Holiday
Isle of ManThu, Jun 2National Holiday
JerseyThu, Jun 2National Holiday
United KingdomThu, Jun 2National Holiday
2021 Various May 31
GibraltarMon, May 31National Holiday
GuernseyMon, May 31National Holiday
Isle of ManMon, May 31National Holiday
JerseyMon, May 31National Holiday
United KingdomMon, May 31National Holiday

The second UK Bank Holiday in May which replaced Whit Monday in 1967

  Which countries observe Spring Bank Holiday in 2024?
National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a public holiday Govt Holiday

When is the Spring Bank Holiday in the UK?

The Spring Bank Holiday is a national public holiday in the United Kingdom and is celebrated on the last Monday in May.

It may also be known as the Late May Bank Holiday as this holiday was never given an official name.

Spring Bank Holiday became a holiday in 1967 when it replaced Whit Monday as a public holiday in the UK.

The change was welcome as the date of Whit Monday often fell in the summer term for schools interrupting exam schedules.

Whit Monday was never celebrated in Scotland.

Did you know?

In 2012, the Spring Bank holiday was moved to early June to allow a 4 day weekend for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

This day is also a public holiday in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey.

Bank Holidays

On Bank Holidays, generally on a Monday, some shops and banks are closed. Shops that open may follow different trading hours than normal and transport may run on a reduced schedule. There will be no postal service.

Bank holidays were first introduced by the Bank Holidays Act of 1871, which designated four holidays in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and five in Scotland.

These were Easter Monday, the first Monday in August, the 26th December, and Whit Monday (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and New Year's Day, Good Friday, the first Monday in May, the first Monday in August, and Christmas Day (Scotland).

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