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When is Easter Monday in Poland?

How long until Easter Monday?
This holiday next takes place in 4 Days.
Dates of
Year Weekday Date
2020 Monday April 13
2019 Monday April 22
2018 Monday April 02
2017 Monday April 17
1 Day
Easter is probably the most important holiday of the Christian year, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus

Easter Monday is a Christian holiday celebrated as a public holiday in Poland on the day after Easter Sunday.

History of Easter Monday in Poland

Easter (also called Pascha) is generally accepted to be the most important holiday of the Christian year, observed in March or April each year to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead after his death by crucifixion on Good Friday, which Christians believe happened at about this time of year, almost two thousand years ago.

Dyngus Day

In Poland, the Monday after Easter is known as 'Śmigus-dyngus'  Dyngus Day or Wet Monday. The tradition is that single men will chase women and throw water over them on Easter Monday.

A young man will attempt to throw water on a woman he might be interested in pursuing. The practice of throwing water on a young woman is said to represent purification and fertility. The tradition of Dyngus Day is thought to have begun as marking the celebrations of the baptism of Prince Mieszko I in  966 A.D., the first Polish monarch to be baptized into Christianity.

Of course, it wouldn't be a holiday tradition without a competing origin story as some think the custom might be related to the tradition of watering the 'Corn Mother', who made crops grow and was represented in the form of a doll or wreath. This would be symbolically drenched in water and kept over the winter.

The traditions and timing of Dyngus Day have an interesting overlap with some festivals in Asia, such as Holi in India and Songkran in Thailand, which hints at a more ancient, shared source for the traditions around spring and fertility.

In some regions, in addition to getting drenched, women may get lightly hit on their legs with pussy willows by men to express their interest

Women do at least get a chance to exact some revenge on Easter Tuesday, when the tables are turned, and they can throw plates and dishes at the men as well as giving them a good soaking.

Other popular celebratory activities on Dyngus Day include polka-dancing, drinking beer and having a large feast. Traditional Polish foods like kielbasa, pierogis and cabbage are popular dishes at this time of year.

Dyngus Day celebrations take place within Polish communities across the world. Celebrations in the U.S. date back to the 1870s, when the first Polish settlers came to the U.S. in large numbers.

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