Los Santos Uprising Day in Panama in 2024

Los Santos Uprising Day in Panama in 2024
Flag of Los Santos province, Panama
  How long until Los Santos Uprising Day?
Los Santos Uprising Day
  Dates of Los Santos Uprising Day in Panama
2025 Panama Mon, Nov 10 National Holiday
2024 Nov 10, Nov 11
PanamaMon, Nov 11National Holiday (in lieu)
PanamaSun, Nov 10National Holiday
2023 Panama Fri, Nov 10 National Holiday
2022 Panama Thu, Nov 10 National Holiday
2021 Panama Wed, Nov 10 National Holiday

The movement for independence from Spain began in Los Santos province

  Local name
Primer Grito de Independencia
  Which regions observe Los Santos Uprising Day in 2024?
National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a public holiday Govt Holiday
  PanamaNov 10
  PanamaNov 11 (in lieu)

When is the Los Santos Uprising?

Los Santos Uprising is a public holiday in the Republic of Panama observed on November 10th. If the holiday falls on a weekend, the following Monday may be observed as a public holiday.

The official full name of the holiday is the "First Call for Independence of the Villa de los Santos" (Primer Grito de Independencia de la Villa de los Santos), though it is also known as "Uprising of Los Santos" or "First Call for Independence" (Primer Grito de Independencia ).

History of the Los Santos Uprising

The region of modern-day Panama was an early stopping point for Spanish explorers as they made their first excursions towards South America. 

In 1519, Panama City became the first European settlement on the shores of the Pacific and the isthmus became an important part of the Spanish Empire.

Panama's struggle for independence started in Los Santos an area on the eastern part of the Azuero Peninsula. On November 10, 1821, in an event called Grito de La Villa de Los Santos, the residents of the Azuero declared their separation from the Spanish Empire. The story goes that a young woman led a crowd to the barracks, chanting "long live liberty!"

While the call for independence was not universally supported by all Panamanians, the uprising galvanised support and inspired enough momentum to bring independence to Panama and the Independence Act of Panama was officially declared on November 28th 1821.

Panama joined Venezuela, New Granada (present-day Colombia) in the Republic of Colombia, also known as Gran Colombia.

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