Liberation Day in Netherlands in 2025

Liberation Day in Netherlands in 2025
  How long until Liberation Day?
Liberation Day
  Dates of Liberation Day in Netherlands
2025 Netherlands Mon, May 5 National Holiday
2024 Netherlands Sun, May 5 Government Holiday
2023 Netherlands Fri, May 5 Government Holiday
2022 Netherlands Thu, May 5 Government Holiday
2021 Netherlands Wed, May 5 Government Holiday

Marks the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation at the end of the second world war

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When is Liberation Day?

This national holiday is celebrated on May 5th each year, but it is only a public holiday once every five years. Known in Dutch as 'Bevrijdingsdag', it marks the end of Nazi occupation during the second world war.

In years when Liberation Day isn't a national holiday, it is a holiday for the public sector and all schools will be closed.

History of Liberation Day

At the outbreak of the second world war, the Netherlands had declared its neutrality from the conflict. However, this did not stop the country being invaded by Nazi Germany on May 10th 1940.

After landing in Normandy in June 1944, the allied forces advanced across Europe with key engagements taking place in the south of the Netherlands by September of that year.

The Netherlands was liberated in a large part by the Canadians, British and Polish armies.

On May 5th 1945, General Foulkes of the Canadian forces and the German Commander Blaskowitz reached an agreement on the surrender of the German forces in the Netherlands in Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen.

Even though some German troops remained on Dutch soil until May 8th, the date of the surrender of the German forces is celebrated on Liberation Day.

How is Liberation Day celebrated?

Liberation Day was only observed every five years until 1990 when it became an annual observance, though it remains a national holiday only every five years.

Those who lost their lives during the war are also remembered in the Netherlands on May 4th, which is National Remembrance Day. It is not a public holiday. To mark the loss of life and suffering that occurred during the occupation, a two-minute silence is observed across the Netherlands at 8pm on May 4th.

On May 5th, celebrations are more joyous to mark the freedom of the Netherlands, with parades of veterans and music festivals.

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