Peasants' Day in Myanmar in 2025

Peasants' Day in Myanmar in 2025
  How long until Peasants' Day?
Peasants' Day
  Dates of Peasants' Day in Myanmar
2025 Myanmar Sun, Mar 2 National Holiday
2024 Myanmar Sat, Mar 2 National Holiday
2023 Myanmar Thu, Mar 2 National Holiday
2022 Myanmar Wed, Mar 2 National Holiday
2021 Myanmar Tue, Mar 2 National Holiday

A day to honour the role and contribution to Myanmar of the peasant workers

When is Peasants' Day?

Also known as Farmers' Day, Peasants' Day is an annual public holiday in Myanmar on March 2nd.

The holiday is a day to mark and honour the contribution of agriculture and farming to Myanmar.

History of Peasants' Day

In Myanmar, around 70% of the country's population are involved in farming and agriculture. The prosperity and success of the nation depends on the contribution of those working on the land, with over 60% of Myanmar's Gross Domestic Product being generated from agriculture.

Myanmar's main agricultural product is rice and it is one of the biggest exporters of rice in Asia. In recent years, the crops and products grown in Myanmar have been diversified to ensure that the country is not too dependent on one particular crop.

Peasants' Day also marks the military coup of 1962, when General Ne Win came to power. The military-led government instigated a series of socialist reforms and remained in power until 2011.

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