Union Day in Myanmar in 2025

Union Day in Myanmar in 2025
  How long until Union Day?
Union Day
  Dates of Union Day in Myanmar
2025 Myanmar Wed, Feb 12 National Holiday
2024 Myanmar Mon, Feb 12 National Holiday
2023 Myanmar Sun, Feb 12 National Holiday
2022 Myanmar Sat, Feb 12 National Holiday
2021 Myanmar Fri, Feb 12 National Holiday

Under the leadership of Bogyoke Aung San Burma was unified in 1947

When is Myanmar Union Day?

Union Day is an annual public holiday in Myanmar on 12th February.

The holiday marks the date in 1947 when the Panglong Agreement was signed and passed and Burma became a unified country.

History of Myanmar Union Day

In 1886, Myanmar (then called Burma) came under British control, but the British made a distinction between how central Burma and the various outlying ethnic groups were ruled.

Following the end of the Second World War, General Aung San, head of the interim Burmese government and representatives from the Shan states, the Kachin hills and the Chin hills met in Panglong to determine the future of Burma.

They reached an agreement which was signed and passed on 12 February 1947. The agreement unified Burma and demanded that the British government restore independence to all of Burma. The Panglong agreement formed the basis for the creation of the Union of Burma. The deal also offered the ethnic leaders the possibility of seceding from the union if they were dissatisfied with the new nation.

The agreement was a key event in the history of Myanmar as it directly led to the creation of Burma as an independent state in January 1948.

While instrumental in the Panglong agreement, Aung San did not live to see Burma gains its independence in January 1948. He was assassinated on 19 July 1947.

Burma was renamed Myanmar in 1989 by its military government.

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