Burmese New Year in Myanmar in 2024

Burmese New Year in Myanmar in 2024
  How long until Burmese New Year?
Burmese New Year
  Dates of Burmese New Year in Myanmar
2024 Myanmar Wed, Apr 17 Government Holiday
2023 Myanmar Mon, Apr 17 National Holiday
2022 Myanmar Sun, Apr 17 National Holiday
2021 Apr 17, Apr 18, Apr 19
MyanmarMon, Apr 19National Holiday (additional day)
MyanmarSun, Apr 18National Holiday (additional day)
MyanmarSat, Apr 17National Holiday
2020 Apr 17, Apr 18, Apr 19, Apr 20
MyanmarMon, Apr 20Government Holiday
MyanmarSun, Apr 19Government Holiday
MyanmarSat, Apr 18Government Holiday
MyanmarFri, Apr 17National Holiday

The Burmese New Year falls on the day that the sun enters the star sign of Aries

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About Burmese New Year

Burmese New Year takes place at the culmination of the Thingyan Water Festival.

The New Year holidays are usually extended to the public sector and bolted on to the end of the Thingyan holidays.

Traditions of Burmese New Year

After three days of partying and soaking everybody during Thingyan, the celebrations begin to recede and the traditional New Year's Day customs take centre stage.

Like other New Years, this is a day to make fresh resolutions for the coming year, usually about changing bad behaviour and promising to do more good deeds for karma.

An unusual custom is releasing fish. Before the day, The fish are rescued from lakes and rivers that are drying up. They are kept in huge glazed earthen pots and jars before being released on New Year's Day into larger lakes and rivers with a prayer and a wish saying "I release you once, you release me ten times".

On New Year's Day, people offer food called Satuditha to passers-by and those celebrating new year.  Satuditha is an act that shows the important charitable side of Burmese culture.

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