Day of the Bronze Medal Win in Latvia in 2023

Day of the Bronze Medal Win in Latvia in 2023
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2023 Latvia Mon, May 29 National Holiday

a Public Holiday has been declared to honour the success of Latvian athletes at the 2023 World Hockey Championships.

In an extraordinary session on Sunday evening, the Saeima decided to declare Monday May 29th 2023, the Day of the Bronze Medal Win in honour of the high achievement of the Latvian men's hockey team.

The government adopted the amendments to the Law on “Holidays and Remembrance Days”, which designated May 29th as a public holiday in connection with the victory of Latvian ice hockey players in the world championship.

52 members voted in favour, no one voted against, but three members abstained.

School exams will not be cancelled. Court hearings have been cancelled, and the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs will be closed.

The bill's annotation states: "Since the restoration of Latvia's independence, hockey has been one of the most popular and supported sports. The participation of Latvian ice hockey professionals in various sports competitions is always an event in Latvian society. It is therefore our duty to strengthen the fact of the important success of Latvian athletes at the 2023 World Hockey Championships in the social memory of society."

"Celebrating the success of the Latvian hockey team could help everyone to strive for excellence in their work, in their skills. The joint celebration of this day would strengthen the national self-confidence and unity of Latvian society,” said the amendment to the adopted draft law.

One of the reasons why it is decided to announce a holiday was indicated as the need to allow residents of the regions to welcome the Latvian hockey team in Rīga.

Latvian ice hockey players will return from the world championship on Monday, May 29, at noon with a flight from Tampere, but fans are encouraged not to go to the airport because the team has a special honouring event at the Freedom Monument, said the Latvian Hockey Federation.

At the airport, the team is scheduled to meet with journalists, and immediately afterwards the hockey players will go meet at the Freedom Monument. The event at the Freedom Monument will start at around 1300.

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