Constitution Day in Kazakhstan in 2021

Constitution Day in Kazakhstan in 2021

  Dates of Constitution Day in Kazakhstan
2022 Kazakhstan Tue, Aug 30 National Holiday
2021 Kazakhstan Mon, Aug 30 National Holiday
2020 Kazakhstan Mon, Aug 31 National Holiday (in lieu)
2019 Kazakhstan Fri, Aug 30 National Holiday
2018 Aug 30, Aug 31
KazakhstanFri, Aug 31National Holiday (bridge day)
KazakhstanThu, Aug 30National Holiday
One of the most important holidays in Kazakhstan, it marks the adoption of the second post-soviet constitution

When is Kazakhstan Constitution Day?

Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a national holiday celebrated annually on 30th August. If 30th August falls on a weekend, the following Monday will be a holiday.

It is one of the most important holidays in Kazakhstan and marks the adoption of the second post-soviet constitution.

History of Kazakhstan Constitution Day

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan adopted the constitutional law on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 1991.

In 1995, a second constitution was created which set out the fundamental law of the country and established the principles of an independent, secular and democratic Kazakhstan.

This constitution was adopted on 30 August 1995 following approval via a national referendum. More than eight million people took part in the national referendum.

The adoption of the constitution is seen as a key event in the modern history of Kazakhstan and a contributing factor in the country's political stability and economic growth.

Since 1995, the Kazakhstan constitution has been amended twice in 1998 and 2007, establishing a presidential parliamentary system in 2007.

How is Kazakhstan Constitution Day celebrated?

Constitution Day is marked with festivals, concerts, dancing and street parties across the whole of the country. Fireworks displays are common in the evening. The official events and key festivities are held in the capital, Astana.

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