Bonaire Flag Day in Bonaire in 2024

Bonaire Flag Day in Bonaire in 2024
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  How long until Bonaire Flag Day?
Bonaire Flag Day
  Dates of Bonaire Flag Day in Bonaire
2025 Sat, Sep 6Regional Holiday
2024 Fri, Sep 6Regional Holiday
2023 Wed, Sep 6Regional Holiday
2022 Tue, Sep 6Regional Holiday
2021 Mon, Sep 6Regional Holiday

The flag of Bonaire was adopted in 1984. The six-pointed red star represents the six original villages in the territory

  Local name
Dia di Boneiru

When is Bonaire Flag Day?

Bonaire Flag Day is a legal holiday on Bonaire, an island municipality of the Netherlands, on September 6th each year.

Although it is called Bonaire Flag Day ("Dia di Boneiru" in Papiamentu, the local language), this day is celebrated on the traditional date when European explorers first arrived on the island in 1499.

History of Bonaire Flag Day

The indigenous inhabitants of the island were Arawak Indians from nearby Venezuela, who may have been living on Bonaire since about 1000 AD.

In 1499, (the exact date isn't known, but it is traditionally accepted as September 6th) Alonso de Ojeda and Amerigo Vespucci arrived in Bonaire and claimed the island on behalf of the Spanish Empire.

The Dutch took control of the island in 1636 during the Eighty Years War. At the start of the 19th century, sometimes referred to as the "time of confusion", the island was occupied by various countries and individuals as various European conflicts spilt out into the Caribbean. Bonaire finally reverted to its Dutch status in 1816, albeit with a series of different constitutional forms over the years.

The Flag of Bonaire

These various incarnations of Dutch ownership led to Bonaire adopting its own flag on December 11 1981. The flag of Bonaire consists of yellow and blue triangles which represent the sun and the sea, while the white represents the sky. The six-pointed red star represents the six original villages that made up the territory.

As a legal holiday, the majority of businesses will be closed for the day.

The official ceremonies take place in Wilhelmina Park. The flag is formally raised, while the national anthem, "Tera di Solo y suave biento", is sung. After some official speeches, awards are given to citizens who have contributed to keeping Bonaire’s heritage and culture alive.

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