Public Holidays in Bonaire in 2020

Bonaire is part of a Special municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with the islands of Saba and St. Eustatius.

Bonaire When are the next Public holidays in Bonaire?

Bonaire Upcoming Holidays

Bonaire List of Holidays in Bonaire in 2020

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Wednesday New Year's Day Public Holiday
Monday Carnival Regional Holiday Karnaval
Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
Sunday Easter Sunday Public Holiday
Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday King's Day Public Holiday National Day
Thursday Rincon Day Regional Holiday Bonaire
Friday Labour Day Public Holiday International Workers' Day
Thursday Ascension Day Public Holiday 39 days after Easter Sunday
Sunday Whit Sunday Public Holiday 50 Days after Easter
Sunday Bonaire Flag Day Regional Holiday Bonaire
Friday Christmas Day Public Holiday
Saturday Boxing Day Public Holiday