Labour Day in Western Australia in 2022

Labour Day in Western Australia in 2022

  How long until Labour Day?
Labour Day
  Dates of Labour Day in Western Australia
2022 Mon, Mar 7Regional Holiday
2021 Mon, Mar 1Regional Holiday
2020 Mon, Mar 2Regional Holiday
2019 Mon, Mar 4Regional Holiday
2018 Mon, Mar 5Regional Holiday

Western Australia. A public holiday in Australia that was originally called Eight Hours Day

When is Labour Day in Australia?

Labour Day is a public holiday in Australia that was originally called 'Eight Hours Day'. This holiday is commemorated on different dates in the Australian States.

In ACT, New South Wales and South Australia, Labour Day takes place on the first Monday in October. In Northern Territory and Queensland, the public holiday is on the first Monday in May. It is celebrated on the second Monday in March in Victoria and Tasmania. Western Australia marks Labour day on the first Monday in March.

Labour Day in Australia commemorates the achievements of organised labour to implement the eight-hour day in the middle of the nineteenth century when previously workers were required to work 10 - 12 hours a day for six days a week.

History of Labour Day in Australia

While a change was made to the hours worked each day, the five day work week that most people enjoy today took almost a hundred years longer and was finally adopted in 1948.

Many union buildings across Australia have the numbers 888 on them. The numbers are in support of British socialist Robert Owen who believed that people should have 8 hours to work, 8 hours for recreation and 8 hours to sleep. This philosophy helped foster The Eight Hours Movement.

The first Labour Day parade was held in Melbourne on 21st April 1856.

The present day parades across Australia, are an enduring reminder of the advances made by the unions on behalf of the workers.

Labour Day is celebrated at different times across Australia because each state achieved the 8-hour day on different dates.

In New Zealand, this holiday is celebrated on the fourth Monday in October.

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