Proclamation Day in South Australia in 2024

Proclamation Day in South Australia in 2024
  How long until Proclamation Day?
Proclamation Day
  Dates of Proclamation Day in South Australia
2025 Fri, Dec 26Regional Holiday
2024 Thu, Dec 26Regional Holiday
2023 Tue, Dec 26Regional Holiday
2022 Mon, Dec 26Regional Holiday
2021 Tue, Dec 28Regional Holiday

Celebrates the establishment of government in South Australia as a British province on 28 December 1836

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When is Proclamation Day?

Proclamation Day in South Australia is a public holiday on the next working day after Christmas day, which means it replaces Boxing Day in South Australia.

If 26 December is a Saturday, the following Monday is the public holiday. If a Sunday or Monday, that and the following Tuesday are both public holidays.

The holiday celebrates the announcement of South Australia as a British province on 28 December 1836.

History of Proclamation Day

By December 1836, eight British ships had arrived in the region near modern day Adelaide and the settlers had set up a camp near a creek known as the Patawalonga.

The vice-regal proclamation announcing the establishment of the province was read by British Governor Captain John Hindmarsh's secretary George Stevenson beside The Old Gum Tree at the present-day suburb of Glenelg North in Adelaide on 28 December 1836.

Did you know?

Adelaide was named in honour of 'Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen', queen consort to King William IV, the reigning monarch of Great Britain in 1836.

A formal ceremony to mark the occasion, involving officials and politicians, is still held at the Old Gum Tree.

December 28 used to be a public holiday in South Australia, but the public holiday was moved to December 26 so it coincided with the day which other states mark as Boxing Day.

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